I can’t stop Hangingout

So a few great things happened in my life in a very short amount of time…I’m talking 24 hours.

1. I missed a Hangout with some fellow GCT’s from the Google Teacher Academy in Stockholm regarding “How can personalized that broadcast live enhance learning situations?” I really wanted to either listen in or participate because one of the participants recently got Google Glass and I was curious to hear her experiences and I just wanted to learn more about it.

2. I Hungout with 2 friends from the GTASWE who were both in Asia- one in Singapore and one in Hong Kong…both of them at their schools during breaks, while I was comfy on my sofa at home. It was great to hear what they were up to, and particularly what PD they are offering others as well as more PD they are attending. And it was just fun to giggle with them and try on Google Effects.

Hangout with Anita and Anne

3. I attended a Live On Air Connected Classrooms Hangout with the Doodle for Google team and a couple participating schools. I’m not gonna like, when the kids showed their Google Doodle to the doodlers at Google, I got a wee bit verklempt. Ok fine, I wept. Why? Well, I’m a weepy person. But in my head and heart, I was imagining what that experience would feel like as an elementary kid- to show not only the world my doodle (live, on air on YouTube), but to show the artists who make the Google Doodles my own drawing.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.28.15 AM

What is so great about these 3 things? They NEVER would have happened without Google Hangouts. My own professional growth and curiosity is stretched to different corners of the world with a variety of people in such different professional situations, all learning and sharing. The ability to reconnect and see and talk with my new friends who live on the other side of the world (while wearing puppy faces and devil horns) couldn’t have happened without Google Hangouts. And lastly, those elementary students were able to share their creative brains with the exact people who make Doodle Googles. That’s like meeting Julia Child and sharing your recipe/food with her and getting direct feedback. Boom. Need more convincing? Google Hangouts is literally becoming the backbone for all of my communication- personal and professional.


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