ADE 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 4.18.56 PM

Reading the bios of the featured ADE’s on the website inspired and intimidated me to no end. I didn’t apply for many years because I compared myself to them- I compared what they did to what I was doing. And after applying for different jobs and different accolades, I’ve realized that comparing myself to others professionally is futile. I don’t compare myself to others in my personal life, so why do I do it in my professional life? Why does it matter who has more twitter posts or followers? Why does it matter if one has a certification from Google or Apple? It doesn’t.What matters is how I feel about the work that I do and the hope that I can have an effect on students’ learning experiences. I will admit, sometimes it’s really nice to be recognized and appreciated for the work that I do and get an opportunity to learn from others. I am so looking forward to meeting other Class of 2015 Apple Distinguished Educators and learning from the alums until my head explodes.

Below is my video application for ADE 2015- the Americas.


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